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Still Water


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In returning from a site meeting being dry warm windy day, I decided to water our garden and during this process for some reason or another I started to experiment with the water flow coming from the hose. Observing the majestic arc of water by holding the hose a few degrees of the vertical, this is when a sudden voice called out stop wasting water, Carolyn my partner turned off the tap, there is a drought on you know. 

I observed the sudden stop of water flow as the pressure dropped in stages this was art in the making the penny dropped, I had an idea.

I went directly into my studio and sketched the Majestic line of the observed waterflow. The idea had geld as I proceeded to create a small model out of wire, to enable me to do a series of simple lines sketches.

I laid out of thin slab of Clay, started caving and experimenting with the bits of wire, drew a 360 degree circle in the clay dividing it up into 10 segments each at 36° and inserted the delicate shaped wire into the allocated positions in the Marked clay.

This was the first simple model created to enable me to make some drawings. My partner and I worked feverishly on fine tuning you could say the curves and heights of each graceful segment.

Will Hendriks

Design & Fabrication